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NIMH care

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Hello, just got an accucycle elite I am going to cycle my batteries for the weekend just to see where they are at.

Question is at what rate should I discharge them? I have a 1650 tx and 1650 rx 4 cell. I think there is a formula for this, anyone know it?
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My experience is that nimhs are all different. Start small and work your way up checking for heat.
I discharge my 1650's at about 1 amp, allow 10-15 minutes after discharge to re charge if your charger doesnt do this automaticly. I find trying to fast charge nimh's often causes them to false peak way early. I seldom charge mine at more than 400 ma, but's that's me
I find trying to fast charge nimh's often causes them to false peak way early
i get that too, the most that most nimh can take is 2c for charging 1c is better for them and for discharge 1 or 1/2c is realistic for a rx pack.
for a test you want to make the discharge rate realistic to the application.

most high capacity AA cells dont like more than 1c for charging, they are not made for high charge or discharge loads they are made for cordless phones and crap that slow charge them at like 1/10c and discharge at like 1/4c

or somethin like that :D
it all depends on the load. For smaller planes like our profiles I would use a discharge rate of .5C and for the big ships 1C.
I also never charge them higher themn 1C (maybe if I am really in a hurry)
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