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night flying

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I have been giving serious thought to strapping some glow sticks and other elluminating stuff to my sledge or sudokhoi and taking it out in the dark. I have a buddy who has attempted this with mixed results, he said it work well but he planted it on the landing. I didn't get to see it. I have seen him fly his heli rigged for night flying. That is awsome. It is actually easier to tell what the heli is doing in the dark.

Has anyone done this? what were the results? I AM going to do this, I figure what the hell :twisted: , soon we are going to have more night then light and why waste it! Besides the wind dies down to nothing after night fall around here and it would be a blast to not be hindered by the darkness. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I have used christmas tree lights; and it worked out great.
Done it many times. I now have "Glow Wires", sorta like long glowstick powered by a 9v battery. Glow sticks work fine (necklaces are best, yellow is the brightest, green next, red is the worst) but you might just try some flood lights.

remember, it doesn't count unless there's pictures!!
I now have "Glow Wires", sorta like long glowstick powered by a 9v battery
I wonder if 3s lipo would toast these, and what the amp draw is...

If you wanted to hook it up to the Lipo, a very simple voltage regulator from Radio Shack would do the trick.
I use the Ram lights, which are led's, there are 36 in all powered by a 2s1p 1500, amp draw is 2amps poewr lasts 30min. no regulator required
I think his question was regarding useing them on a foamie, hooking them up to the existing battery.

I have never actually ran down the 9v battery, I just replace it once a year. Probably getting 8-10 hours out of one, but who knows how long it would go. I like the glow wires better than LEDs because of the continuous line rather than individual lights. But that's me.
capncrunch you can actually run the LEDs from your reciever if you use the right ones. There is a thread in one of the electric forums I think. O that reminds me I still have to build my harness for the foamy. :oops:
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