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Night fly

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Jetero R/C Clubs' night fly is tomorrow night and I can hardly wait.
Got my glo sticks, flashlights for head lights and even practiced flying slow and easy today. I'm not real good at hovering yet but it should be a hoot trying to hover a profile at night with nothing but glo sticks for reference..

There's not supposed to be any moon tomorrow and our field gets pitch dark at night. It should be interesting at the very least.
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I'd toss a few glo-sticks on the ground too - for reference - if it's truely pitch black.

Have you seen the Pizza Oven VID on the Flying Cirkus site? There's some night flying PBFs over the bon-fire at the end. I just tried to link to it, but I shit-canned my cookies a few minutes ago & I don't remember my ID & password over there. I have it coded at work, I can get it Monday.

Anyway - it's a good VID. Makes me want to strap glow-sticks on my PBF. I just need to sucker somebody else into flying with me.
Just invite a bunch to come out and watch. Once they see how much fun it is and how easy it is, they'll be kicking their own butts for not bringing a plane. Happens every time. Then you can laugh at them for being weenies.
Try to get some pics, Jim!

A buddy of KeyKey's is mounting small, high intensity LED's in his foamy. They don't draw enough current to shorten his flights hardly at all and are re-useable. KeyKey had a box of long, skinny glow tubes at the '03 Houston ProBro to fly on a Pizza box.
Anybody have an vids from night flights/? Ive never saw that before....
The Extreme Aerobatic Club had a fly-in this weekend here in Merigold, MS, and last night they did some night foamy flying... until Blaine put some glow sticks on his 40% Carden Edge! And he did everything- elevators, TR's, flat spins, etc. all in pitch darkness, only getting into the spotlights during hovering and TR's. Truely awesome!!!

Short vid - 1.7mb, quicktime MOV format


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Well, it happened! WHAT A NUTSACK FLYING BALL!

Flew the Topcap with battery operated lights all over it and two small flashlights rubber banded to the landing gear for landing lights. Didn't even know the stuff was on the plane. Made it a tad tail heavy but not a problem. Actually made it hover better. Did flat spins, climbing fast rolls, slow harriers down the flight line, all sorts of other aerobatic shit, just generally tore up the place while everybody else was flying circles. I can not knife edge at night.
There wasn't any moon out so it was pitch dark. Only lights were from under our covered pavilion and those didn't help a bit for flying.
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