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Nice visit

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Well, late this sunday afternoon some fella comes tooling up to the club field and starts uloading an EF Yak54, nice bird. Turns out it's 3littlefonzies, one of our own Bro's. He came down to Columbia hoping to find yours truly out at the field, and did!

He really is doing a nice job flying the EF Yak. Man was he doing some hard walls into hovers. Really solid flying bird. I let him knock the KatP around a bit, I think he liked it as well.

Thanks for coming down, here's a couple of pics of the EF Yak in action.


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What a cool club you guys have! thanks for making me feel so welcome. It was really cool to meet another bro and the rest of the guys too. Ive only been a pro bro for a short time so i really havent met that many in person.(Unless u count BH but he seems to be into those cars pretty heavy these days) :wink: i wish it wasnt so far from here to columbia.

thanks for letting me fly the katanaP. it looks like i'll be needing to create some building room(scary thought for died in the wool arf guy). hmm what size is a mojo? :twisted:
Speaking of visits............You need to make some time to come up to Nashville before the Pro Bro JD. Get in some stick time at Peeler.
Ild like to partake in that. sundays or mondays are good for me. Im starting a new job tuesday :D

Hey alfster, do you usually fly at Peeler. maybe I've met you b4?
Yeah Peeler is my usual field when I fly. Been a while since I have been out there, but if you have flown there for a while, there is a chance we have already met. I work weekends, so I usually fly Mon-Thurs.

I was actually thinking about going out there and flying a bit this afternoon, then I was reminded by a friend that I had volunteered to go help dismantle the equipment etc. at the Labor Day Telethon out at the Gibson Showcase. So it looks like I'm gonna be doing a bit of sweating this evening.... LOL

I rarely remember names, but planes I remember......what do you normally fly out at Peeler ? You may have seen me fly anything from 30, and 60 sized helicopters, several profile planes, a Hype3D, 1/4 scale Cap 232, and even a truck load of foamies from time to time.......

I don't remember seeing an EF Yak out there before, but maybe you got it after we met.
havent had the yak out at peeler yet. b4 i got the yak flying, I flew a U CAN DO 3D .46. its likely if i was there i was flying that. now that i got the yak, the UCD is just taking up space it the car. :roll: peeler is kinda far for me so I don't get out there as much as I'ld like.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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