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NIB Eagle 3D ARF $85

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I have 2 NIB Eagle 3D ARF's for sale. Both are RED (not yellow as in the pic) transparent covering.

Wing Span = 46"
Overall length = 47"
Engine = .40-.46
Radio = 4 channel

Over View:
The Eagle 3-D, is a unique profile plane, durable and very light weight, giving excellent acrobatic performance. You will love this Profile plane. This is one nice ARF!

Retails for $139. Asking $85 plus split shipping.


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Prices lowered to $85. This is a nice ARF for someone wanting to have a profile flying in a couple days.
One sold to Gator... who wants to be like Gator! :)

Total price is $92 shipped.
Dang now he s pushing the buttons huh. :shock:
LOL, if no one buys it soon I might end up putting it together for myself. :D I can always use a new plane to throw around.
Wreckr...If you still have the other one, I'll take it.

Are you set up for PayPal?

Sorry Jon but both are sold.
Okay, no problem.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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