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Just joined yesterday, im 14 ive only had one profile midaired it the snd day i was havin a hell of a lot of fun with it. It was my 1st flyin 3d and i could torque roll a little and hover for a minute or 2( LOnger but i got bored). IM lookin forward to getting a Shock flyer and a like 2 profiles this winter. I love how easily profiles build and you dont give a shit if they crash. my next profile im going to do crazy stuff with. The only plane i have to fly is a 1/4 scale edge 540, im afraid to 3-D it yet, but she is a gentle giant. Try to get some pics and stuff.

Oh yeah where can i get those cool PRO BRO stickers?
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Pull up a seat sit down an make yourself at home. Glad to have you here. It sure is amazing what those little profile planes can do for you isnt it.

If your looking for stickers I think Boogerboy is your man. ( I think thats his nick here) Look around Im sure you ll find him.
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