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newbie electric sub-forum/post .. please check it out

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ok bros..

heres a challange for you guys.
whats the cheapest and easiest way to get into electrics..

its really windy out there and it would be nice to not have to bum rides off of people to take me out to the field which is 30 min away..

so any ideas for a cheap electric combo i can save up for ?
i think i might sell anything around my dorm room that i dont need or lol maybe need ...

thanks bros.
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Well that's a tough one to answer. The initial investment is rather high but after that it's almost free.

Here is a bit of advice I have learned from life experience. OK listen.

Don't settle for something less than what you want. you will almost always regret it. If it takes longer to get it then so be it, but don't settle.

There are way more people here that can answer the "What to get" question better than I can.

FYI I am running a Himax 2015-4100 with a CC-25 speed control. 3S 1200Mah lipo's, and GWS Pico+ servos. and a GWS R4P Reciever. Pretty standard from my understanding.
The cheapest way to go is to get the right stuff the first time. Probably the best priced setup you can go for would be the Himax 2015-4100 with gearbox combo...that'll be around $60 or so. A GWS rx is cheap at around $25 and BMS 371 or 306 servos are about 14 bucks a piece. You can find generation 1 3s lipos now for under 30 bucks. Fan Fold foam is dirrrrrt cheap and a $2.50 carbon tube will build you an airplane. If you don't already have one...a lipo campatible charger can be had anywhere from $50 on up. I'd probably spend at least $110 on either the astro 109 or Triton. Save your $$$'ll be worth it.
From the experience I've gained in 16 years of flying and over 10 yrs instructing, I would have to say that the above posts are some of the best advice I've seen in any forums anywhere. Also they not only apply to electrics, but to every single aspect of our RC hobby.

Don't be penny wise and dollar foolish. If you can't afford quality equipment the first time.... WAIT.

Over the years I've seen sooooooo many people go cheap in this hobby and only end up with huge disappointment!

Here's a perfect case that happened to me this summer: I have a student who is a pretty good builder and not too bad a flyer. He built his first low winger, a 4* 40. The plane came out beautiful, but our LHS guy swayed him to a cheap engine to put on it. I was to do the first flight and he was very excited about his new plane. Fired it up and could barely get it to run good. I could tell from the first time I fired it up there was air leaks everywhere (as prone to this brand). Got it to run good enough to take off. Had it trimmed out right away but the engine sounded soooo sick. Was able to let him do a couple of circles with it and the engine died. I was able to dead stick it fine to a nice landing right in front of us. Needless to say he was VERY upset about the engine purchase. I wasn't even going to deal with it. I just said go back to the LHS. To see how excited he was about his new plane then to see his disappointment about he engine was heartbreaking! The plane ended up not being flown for most of the flying season....

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A SHockFlyer combo would be a great choice as well......they have all the eqp you need in a package deal......
Get a rough idea of the flying you want to do. Sounds like you are looking at mostly outdoor flying. Planes a little bigger than the Shocky are reported to be better suited for outdoor flying. For me I wanted indoor capability and am going with the Shock Flyer. I read through literally thousands of posts on various groups about this plane. Then I talked with some of the guys with more experience with the plane through private messaging. By then I had a pretty good handle on what I was going to get. I found out that I needed to keep the plane LIGHT! Some of the package deals had heavy equipment in it. Then I started a thread in this forum with my equipment list. The bros felt I had chose pretty good stuff and I made my order. What sealed the deal for me is the Pool video on the OMP site with Wayne Geffon flying. I PM'd Wayne and he stated that all his equipment on his plane was identical to what I was going to get. I'm 100% sure I've spent my $ the right way.

I've been getting alot of guys into electrics around here...and 90% of the time....they buy cheapo stuff. And not to my suprise....the stuff doesn't even fly well enough for them to bother with it. Every single time they will come back the next week with the stuff they shoulda had in the first they end up wasting all that money they spent on the crap.

I also agree that if you're going to fly outside....the 36" foamy setup would be the best and most cost effective. The himax setup that I mentioned would work well for this.
I've got some questions for felix.

How windy is windy?
How big is the space you intend to fly in?
Will you be flying indoors or outside?

If you are going to be flying in 10mph winds, then the Shocky is definitely NOT the choice bird. The Shocky's perform well inside and in relatively calm conditions (<5mph wind).

Knowing these answers will help to guide you in what equipment you will need.

I can only add to what has already been said.
When it comes to electrics, there is a General Rule.......If you buy cheap, you'll buy twice.
just sell all your glow stuff (you want to do that anyway once flying electrics :shock: ) and fund the E-Birds that way. Simple and easy :p
Also note that the E-Bug is deadly and bites HARD.
Also note that the E-Bug is deadly and bites HARD.
I'll 2nd that. I just sold another 46 to help fund the addiction. I've never been so addicted to anything in my life....
What can I say..all of the advice so far is spot on (well, we aren't too sure about Ulf :D ).

I started with the brushed motor, NiMh stuff. It sucked, pure and simple. So I got one Lipo pack. Now I had power to spare...and 2 worthless $15 NiMh packs. But the power to spare ate up my motors at an incredible rate...but I wasn't gonna spend the money to get one of them brushless rigs, $50 for a little bitty motor! I was going thru $10 motors about 1 a day. Didn't take long to realize that that $50 motor was looking pretty good!

So in the long run, I wasted enough $$ on stuff that didn't work to have bought most of a nice brushless rig right off the bat...and didn't have anything to show for it except a $20 brushed ESC that I sold and a couple of NiMh packs I still have.
I used the advice from Auger and bought a himax setup 25 amp ESC that was a year ago I am now putting it in my 4th foamy this is the only electric setup I own but it sure has been a good one...
its not windy every day of course but most weekends when i could go out to the field it is..

if i can get my hands on a good electric set up i dont have to pay 75 bucks of fees...etc...

you see :)

i could fly my burrito somewhere wide open..and deal with it..

can you guys gimme some links for the himaxx combo..
for 60 bucks u say..thats cheap..
also..where can i find the $25 receivers...

thanks bros
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I buy motors and batteries from

I buy batteries, esc's, recievers, seros from

Also check out and for good deals.

allerc has good combo deals for the himax combo with gearbox and esc. I buy alot of stuff from them. They even have carbon. Go to your local Lowes for FF Foam.

Oh, and if you're saving money....a berg RX is a good thing to save for.
cropdusterdave said:
Oh, and if you're saving money....a berg RX is a good thing to save for.
If you are absolutely sure you will only fly by yourself, the cheap GWS receivers are fine (about 1/2 cost of Berg). But, if you want to fly with others, get the Berg. The Berg is hit proof and the GWS is the opposite. I even use a Berg 5 channel in a .40 size.
Especially if you're gonna fly indoors. They glitch like crazy. Bergs are well worth the money.
thanks for all the help bros..

so the himax 4100....what weight airplane does it fly around..
im at 7000' and i heard it dont matter with electrics since they dont use opposed to gas engines....

what weight airplane matches that motor..
also there is a himax that costs the same but i believe one of the set of numbers that is its model type is bigger.
does that mean its stronger?

and how long does it take to charge a lipo at the highest charge rate...

also..what type of li-poly bat. does it prefer....

sorry im a total newb at this electric thing...

-also.. how come they make lipos that are 340Mah..isnt that too small???
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The 2015 4100 will fly the heck out of a plane up to maybe 16oz. For good 3D, keep it at 13 or 14oz.

Higher elevation does matter on electrics. The motor makes the same power, but the prop has less air to bite into. Use a little more pitch.

The 2015 4100 is perfect for 3D up to about 14oz or so. There is a 2015 5400, it is normally used with smaller props or lower voltage. If it were me, I'd get the 4100, 3S Lipo in 1100 to 1350 Mah size.

Lipos all charge at 1C, so it takes 1 hour more or less to charge one if it's dead. There is no fast charging of a Lipo, 1C only. so for an 1100 Mah lipo, you charge it at 1.1A. A 1350 would charge at 1.35 A, etc. Only!

The 340 Mah lipos are for very small motors, or they are grouped together to make a 680 pack (or 1020, etc.)
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