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I owe the bros an apology... I signed on as a Bro several months ago when I saw Pauly and Gator flying Burritos so I bought one and signed up. The kit never got built and I sold it since I didn't think the finished plane would fit in my car. I built a 3DX and then a "Chuckflyer" which of course is a profile foamy but thats as far as I got. Until the Memphis Pro Bro anyway.

I got my first real deal profile, a Sudokhoi, from Texas 3D. I instantly fell in love with it and have already started stripping and preparing to sell my fat-fuse planes to make room and $$ for a Burrito. I was calling myself a Bro and had no real clue of the meaning behind it or the feeling of it. Well, I do now! Profiles rock!

Thanks Ulf, and thanks to everyone else that hovered over my splattered fat-fuse lol.

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rik756 said:
and for some reason, the first post called me a guest lol
because you didn't logged in. :wink:
Glad you are having fun with the Sudokhoi. May you enjoy it many many more flight before scafrifying it to the profile gods.

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Blah! The profile gods already got my Magic Extra... Maybe that will hold em for a while. :lol:
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