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New ProBro Decals we need your help!

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These are just a sample, the font I don't think is right on the big one. R/C Rita and I are working on a ProBro decal set which will include 20 decals for 25.00 shipped in the 48 states. It will come with a set of these big ones for the bottom of your wings, the ones Billy was selling, big for your windshield and more. What we really need is for some of you guys to measure the bottom of your proflile planes so we can get the size right on every profile kit made. Please measure your wing, strait leading edge or tapers both sides and what kind of plane it is. You'll know what I mean! We'll keep this info on file so we can keep up with it so things will go faster. We'll try to have all this done in a week or so, we might come to the Nashville probro with some? Thanks everybody! Rita n Chris
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I'll get you the measurements of the Taco, Burrito, OMP YAK, and Precision Aerobatics Bad Boy when I get home tonight around 9 ish. Will the decals also be available in WIZZARD font?

They look great, I deffinately want some.

Looks great! I will get you the #'s for the OMP/Accel Katana ARF and the OMP 47" Edge tonight.
Looks great. I agree that the Wizard font would be cool.
Yep. Need Wizzard font. I finally found it, but I can't get it that big. I can send you the .zip file if you think you can use it. I only get up to 72 size in Word and Notepad, but maybe you can make it bigger with some of that fancy sticker-making software. I definitely want some.
crazystix said:
I only get up to 72 size in Word and Notepad, but maybe you can make it bigger with some of that fancy sticker-making software. I definitely want some.
Just type in the larger font-size rather than picking from the list on the drop-down box. That works for me.
Here's the EF540 wing planform. There might be an angle on the LE, but it's slight enough not to worry about. Make sure it's exploded in IE and the dims will show up good. Can we get the www stickers sized to fit on the ailerons, sort of like how OMP does theirs?


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While we're on the subject, and not to immortalize Chucky or anything, :) but could ya do a Bug Eye'd Earl pilot to? Sort of the ProBro version of the ugly old man Morris sends with their kits :D


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You and Rita are the best, and that's a mighty fine RC critter you got there too! Looks like a 1%'er to me.

As others have said, I think you will find that most prefer the Wizzard font with 2 z's. I will also measure my planes for you. When you said the stickers BH was selling, which ones were you talking about? I like the new black ones, but I am also partial to the "old" original round ones. Any chance of doing those?

Keep up th egood work. I love the www....brotherhood stickers for ailerons!

x-jet; thanx for the tip. I don't mess with text much, other than here, but that was so simple I'd have probably never figgered it out.
Thanks for the positive reply's! Yes we are gonna change that font. to a wizzard type. Make those aileron decals. This is gonna be a 20 decal set so we need your input on the different ones you want. So far we're doin the big probro for the bottom of wings, a big for your windshield, for each aileron, the 3 black ones billy was selling. That's 7 so far and what else do U guys want? A "I love" decal? Boogerboy
Add a couple decals for the rudder and double it. Then each order could do two planes and offer them in two sets of 10 with different color choices. I love the Auger decal.....

Gotta do a little work around that right eye, but looking good! Hope Chucky likes being famous :lol:
These letters are 12" tall in the middle, we can't import the wizzard font into our plotter program because we can't figure how to do it. I got this font of the plotter program. Does anybody like it?
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Ok I got some measurements for you. I don't have a CAD program, but I'll read off the measurements to you.

wing half= 18"
tip cord= 8"
root cord= 11"
LE taper appx 1"

Wing half= 22"
constant cord= 13"

wing half= 23" leaving off the 1.5" wingtip
tip cord= 10"
root cord= 14"
LE taper appx 1"

wing half= 23"
tip cord= 11.5"
root cord= 13.5
LE taper= appx 1.25"

I hope this helps, It looks like you could use one size for most .40 size planes.

The font is alright, but I wish you had something closer to WIZZARD. If I had my choice, I'd go with the first font you posted.

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I kind of like that font....its kind of got the same look as the wizard.
I like the second one. I may even like it BETTER than Wizzard, but wizzard is kinda like THE pro-bro font. But I would definitely use yours before I'd do my own. How long before they're available? I've got a Burrito in the works that needs letters on the bottom. Also need the piss on RCU stickers. Gotta throw a couple of those in for us that missed the freebie deal.
I like it, and will send you some money for some when you get it all figured out! :D

I also want some piss on flying in circles like my avitar! :)
Novabill thanks for your time! Do your measurements include ailerons? I think we'll start production Monday night! Capthis I live on Ky. Lake and I know we know alot of the same people and I'll say I've meet you before? I Danny who works at the alum. factory and loves fast engines in the Evansville club. When is the Henderson (Robarts) fly-in this year? You know that's a good one! You might know my sperm donor Rick Haslam who makes flying wing kits? Boogerboy
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