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New ProBro 1073 reporting for hovering

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Hi guys,
till now I was only on RCU forum.. but today I got a PM from Spacey that I should move to PB forum. I heave read the topic from Paul and his removed posts, bud I did not think this will be so serious.
So now I m here and hope to get some more inspirations.
My inspiration was Paul with his Taco. Since I live in Europe and the shipping of the kit would be $$$ I got the plans from Pauls site and make one. This was my first profile and 3d machine. The Taco was pure adrenalin. Still is hehe. I have learned how to hover,harier, blender ( positve and negative ), done Nr 9 , and how to crash with little damage :).
Well the last part is still on my to learn list:)

In our country there is only 10 guys max flaying 3d, and till now only 2 of us fly profiles. ( small country 2 mil. population )

So my next project was TACO EL GRANDE or XXL like I call him now.
Here are some pictures. The plane is a virgin and it will fly for the first time today or tomorrow.

Tech data:
Wing. span : 1810 mm
Weight ( RTF, no fuel ) : 3.9 kg
Motor: OS 1.08 ( custom pipe ) on APC 16x4

Keep the nice work guys and thank you for all your inspiration and info.
I see that I cant post pictures like in other forums so I m pasting the ling from RCU forum ( sorry for that ) ... 188/tm.htm
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Glad you found us, misak!

Not sure what's up with the picture was working a day or 2 ago??
well did my first flight 30 min ago. DUUUUUUUDEEEEE :) juhuu
all the night work was rewarded.
The plane is flying so SLOOWWWWW. It is har to belive that this is flying. Hoverings - ROCK SOLID , Hariers, a little tourqe roll nasty, take -off , landing, peace of cake. And blenders! You rol in one place losing height so slow.

I do have to modify the tail wheel, and the fuel tank. I will try to get some camera and get teh video.

All I can say again. JUUUHUUU :)))

Have a nice Nr 9 day.
Congrats Misak!! Glad to hear it flys well. Now go get us some video??!! :lol:
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