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Hi to all at this forum, I've been flying for about 4 years and loving every minute of it. I have not built nothing but spads for over 2 years now but I have a Sig Fazer kit to start working on and have been wanting to get into profiles. I know how it is to be different because I belong to 2 clubs and I'm the only one flying Spads or attempting 3D stuff. This group seems great and I'm looking forward to reading all about the ProBros and their planes
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Hi, emmett! the fazer not a bad plane, but there are several mods that make it a good 3-d plane. Tina zeiman from henderson, ky. used to fly a modified fazer with ys power, and have seen her hover and torque roll right on the deck with it. you can email her and ask about mods, she would probably be glad to help. her and her husband own a hobby shop, here is their website;

there is a LOT of experience in that place, worth emailing! glad to have you aboard, and hope this helps!
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