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New non-pro bro.

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Wow, this is kinda intimidating. Just glad I found Billy & that boyz when I did.

When I was a kid, growing up in Iowa, my dad and I flew RC. I wrecked Telemasters, Funsters(hey Billy, where'd the Funster go?) Kadet MkII's, Kobras, Kougers... hell, we wrecked a shitload of planes. My favorite plane back then was the Flying Machine by Don Muddiman and the Cloud Dancers out of Kissimmee(sp?) FL.

I remeber going to Ida Grove IA twice a year when I was a kid, Once for the Spring Ducted Fan rally and then in August for Byrons Aviation Expo. Man, those were the days. I remember Don flying that Flying Machine - to me the first time I ever saw anything remotely like 3D.

Well, the years go by. A young man turns 16 is suddenly a lot more interested in titties and beer than flying. Dropped out of the hobby and didn't really think much about it until I turned 30 in July and a buddy sent me a link to this thing called a Stryker.

So, electric brought me back into the hobby, a foam wing in fact. Now I'm trying to scratch the $$$ for a fancy foamy, because I was bored with the wing thing after the 5th flight.

When I decided that I was getting back into the hobby, I went to see what was available from the providors of my first trainer, the pros at Hobby Lobby. All of a sudden I'm watching videos of electric planes hovering and doing all sorts of shit that defies gravity. And Physics. And common sense.


I know where I belong, and I'm proud to be a Bro.
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Man, foamy electrics are real popular among the Bros...almost a "Must Have" item. So get you a foamy going...flying is the main thing,how you fly it is the important thing!
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