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Hello Pro Bros,
I just joined the brotherhood.

I recently aquired a EF 540 edge form another Pro Bro. I'm new to profiles and new to 3D as well. Hope to have all the gear in it soon, so the learning can begin!

I also enjoy building and flying spad's. I'm working on a Something Extra Spad now and planning on building a SPAD3DT afterward. I would rather dink up the SPAD3DT instead of the EF 540 edge.

Pro Bro #988
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Welcome! Forget the spad and get a burrito. And while you're at it get another edge and a Yak and a Katana and a sledge and a blah blah blah! :lol:
Welcome Omaha. First, as you dig around this forum you will notice it's a bit different than RCU. Much more "open" and free for comment.

To get this new bro, I gave him my EF Edge 540. I've got a new Katana ARF and other stuff to play with now and I just didn't want it sitting in the garage not getting airtime.
The way Quicker talks about and flies his burrito I may build one this fall. Not to mention he lives near by, so if I run into any problems building it. Thanks again for the 540 Edge Quicker. :D

I just can't believe nobody yelled at me yesterday for hovering it over the runway :twisted:
You didn't get in anyones way that I know of.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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