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new Himax gearbox

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I just got one of Himax's new GWS gearbox copy for their 2015's and 2025s. I got it with the 2025/4200 just to see how much more I could pull out of the larger motor. Maybe even try it on an E-taco. My first test runs showed 33.5oz thrust on 12-6 APC powered by a well worn Kokam 1500 3cell pack. By the time 20 seconds or so had passed the voltage and amperage had dropped to less that 8.5 on both amps and volts. At that time the thrust was down to 28 oz. I did not see what the initial current was or voltage since I was watching the scales. I'm pretty sure this will need a larger pack to keep it happy. I am going to double my connector on my meter so that I can run a 3s2p setup on the next test. I'm sure when the battery can put out the power will go up quite a bit as well. Maxx products has a sheet on their site that claims 42oz on this prop. That would be a bit marginal on an E-taco but it would no doubt fly it. Maybe the next size up APC would pump up the thrust to get it in the acceptable range. I'll let you know how it goes.
The best thing about this box, It's much, much quieter than the GWS and with a shaft change, you can run either GWS or APC props. It comes ready for APCs.
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Glad you like it Matt. Mine should be here today. I am putting it on my lectric Edgeling. Timing is right too- took a radio hit at the field yesterday and grenaded the box Augur gave me.....
Hey Jeremy, how much are the Edgelings weighing in at? My foamy is taking a beating, and will soon be confeti. The set up I have is, Himaxx 2015-4100, 6.60 to 1 GWS gear, 12x6 GWS prop, on a 3S Kokam 1500mah. Motocalc says 24 ounces of thrust. Reality says I'm hovering right at center throttle. I launch vertical one click above half power.

Is this enough for an Edgeling?
matchlessaero said:
Glad you like it Matt. Mine should be here today. I am putting it on my lectric Edgeling. Timing is right too- took a radio hit at the field yesterday and grenaded the box Augur gave me.....
I never even knew you got an E Edgeling done!!...Done and Augered already?? :D
Yeah, Jeffry, I finally finished one over the July 4th holiday. Have been flying the shlitz out of the thing......Personally, I think it absolutely kicks ass. Good news about the crash was that after a full throttle straight in from 10ft, the only damage was the busted gearbox- no stripped servos, busted covering or broken wood. Will put the MaxxProd box on this evening if its there when I get home. I cannot thank you enough Jeff for helping me getting this thing going. Really could not have done it without your help/input/assistance.

Frank, The setup I am running is the D gearbox with the Himaxx 2015-4100, 11x4.7 APC slowflyer prop, CC 25 Controller and a 1050 3s Tanic pack. The all up weight of my finished bird ready to go with landing gear was/is 13.9 ozs (with a 4 servo setup and normal covering too). Vertical is absolutely astounding. On a fresh pack, it hovers at less than half throttle and flights are right at 15mins(3ding right to the end). It has the same or slightly better power to weight ratio than a foamy. But the wing area is a little less, so it really flies like a good flying lightweight .40 size bird to me more than a foamy. BTW, that KE picture I put up on RCU the other day was this plane....

From some good feedback from Gordo and Seeloff who flew an early E-converted Edgeling, I added 3/4" width to the ailerons and the rudder to the stock kit to give them more power/control in a hover and now control precision while hovering is much better. The 11" prop is better for all out power, but it hovers a little easier on a 10x4.7 prop(less torque to fight against) but either one works fine.
The one I just finished is so stable in a harrier that it takes essentially no aileron input because of wing rock- in no wind it is absolutely the most stable harriering plane I have flown ( I do harriering figure 8s around the runway with one hand on the transmitter ).

A few brothers have already flown my new one, and their grins were huge after flying it, so I think I am on the right track with the electric conversion.

I'll put some pics up some time....
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I finally broke down an purchased one of the new himax gearboxes as well to go on a foamie yak I got from chuck. Its painful to drop about 300 bucks to get a $35 plane in the air but I think I ll be happy I did in the long run. I might even have to break down an get the latest chuckflyer to replace this one when I trash it.
What are the gears made out of on these gearboxes? I've been looking at them and the Cobri Aluminum setups. I've striped a few of my 66T GWS gears, and was hoping these were made of tougher material.
Quicker, the pinion is brass, and the spur is plastic with an aluminum hub. I have run mine now quite a lot for several weeks, and it is holding up very well. I did lube mine with a waxy teflon lube, but other than that, its just as I got it.

I've bent the prop shaft a couple of times, but it was easy to straighten in a drillpress.
hate to be stoopid...but what is an "edgeling"...? and how do i get one?
Birdie, The Edgling is a foamy sized profile Edge. But it is built up balsa.
it 3-d's on a Norvell .074, or e-powered.
Matchlessaero kits them.
I won one of these at the Texarkana pro bro. I want to convert it to electric. Is the electron flight pack from Hitec going to be enough?

If it has HS-55's and an Electron 6 RX it'll work great! The same flight pack that's in a foamy will do the job.
What kind of life are you guys getting out of these gearboxes? Anyone wore theirs out yet?
So far I've been flying the shit outta the Himaxx gb and have yet to have any problems whatsoever. I did convert mine to use the GWS prop shaft and prop saver but that was only due to personal preferance of the longer shaft and so I could use the GWS props. I can't see breaking APC when those orange ones are so much cheaper.

Birdie, here is a pic of an Edgeling..


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Cool, that gearbox looks just like a Norvell!!!!!
Dave, you oughta see battery! He keeps pumping nitro, oil and alc into it..... :lol:

Here's a pic of an electrified one... and its gearbox...

I have not been able to wear out my Himaxx box yet. I have managed to bend the propshaft a few too many times though...


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