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New Himax Brushless

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I went into my LHS today to look for a PJS or Nippy and they had something new on the shelf.
A Himaxx #HC2808-0980 outrunner, there was only one and I grabbed it and put it on my Yuk this afternoon.
It's about the same size/weight as an AXI 2208, with the performance of a 2212, plus it comes with the radial mount, prop saver, gold connectors, all the screws, plus a mount for GWS stick! Best of all it's price is 55.95

I set it up on my CC10, using a 2 cell pack and got these figures..

8.8amp @ 16.6oz Thrust using a 10X4.7 SF prop
9.6amp @ 18oz Thrust using an 11X4.7 SF prop!

I would have tried something higher but I don't want to roast it or my ESC..

Maxxprod still don't have them shown on their website but keep an eye out for one of these if your in the market for a powerful light outrunner.


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My month old AXI 2808 is already out of date...great. :roll:
I can just barely tell, but this is a outrunner?
One of the motor mount is another clue in that direction.
yep it's an outrunner, mega has a whole line of outrunners also now, they all look alot like axi's
No kidding...i just bought a 2208/34 for my Raptor a while ago....this would've been better. And WAAAAY cheaper. No $25 mount to hang on a $75 motor. Looks like a good deal.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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