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New futaba Tx

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2048 PCM Resolution
Full color Hi Res touchscreen display
IR port
MP3 player
3000 dollar

As you can see it comes with 2 reset buttons :wink: .
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damn were can i buy it at never thought i'd fly futaba :twisted: :lol:
Interesting antenna. Wonder what kind of metal that is. They are usually shiny, that one is pretty dull. Does it use WI-FI, internet browser? Windows media player? Digital camera?
Look another Mode 1 transmitter. I knew that I'm not the only one. :lol:
Wow a tx with a windows OS :shock:
I think NO Way, I crash enough without the help of an occasinal windows lock up, I can see the screen now "sorry for the inconvenience windows must restart now" as everone runs for cover :lol:
Is't that the truth :lol:
If it's a Win based OS no wonder it has 2 reset buttons!!
I can see it now, just started a high alpha KE and you get the "blue screen of death".
Where did you get that? is it a prototype????? :shock:
That looks like it can get Channel 2 so you can watch football between flights... cool :p
That would be worth $3000.00

"I didnt crash. Windows did."
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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