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new from Tennessee!

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Hey everyone!!

I;m new to the hobby and spotted you guys....looks like the place to be for fun.

I have yet to get a profile but am wanting a taco bad.

Just don't know anything about building from a kit.

By the way...I live in west tennessee.
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Since you're in the niehborhood, you better head over to Nashville this weekend, especially Saturday. One of the biggest gatherings of Bros is happening in your backyard! Somebody would get you some stick time on a Taco, Burruito, Mojo, Seldge, EF Edge, etc. You'll leave with your head spinning.

Read this thread:

Building Swany's kits is a simple deal. The parts are wonderfully cut, and you have a wealth of support here. Just about all of us have built at least one of them.

What's your flying experience? You said you're new.
i have been flying with a trainer for about 3 months.

It's boring the heck out of me now though.......just not any fun knife-edging a Nexstar!!

I would love to come out this weekend but I have to work. you think a complete newbie to building would be able to do a kit taco? you think a complete newbie to building would be able to do a kit taco?

Start a build thread, post pictures as yu go, ask questions. You'll be OK. If you have a trainer, then you have a 46? The Burrito is a more forgiving plane than the Taco. If you start slow with the Taco on low rates and work into it you will be OK. The Burrito would be a better 1st 3D profile, though, IMHO.
I just finished my Burrito - hope to maiden her Saturday. Like you - I knew nuttin' 'bout no stinkin' kit buildin. Read thru my build thread & see what you think: There's also another fresh build thread here somewhere...

I considered a Taco also - I have an engine for it - but chose to buy a TTPro46 & build a Burrito. I made the right choice...[/url]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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