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New Flying Field

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After about a 1 year search we have finally found us a new flying field! I was beginning to wonder if we were going to be able to find one.

I think I like the new field better than the old one (all grass right now, no pavement)

We are still able to fly at the old field, till soccer starts in the spring. We got some work to do to get the new field ready, but I am excited.
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wow, glad to hear you guys got a new place; it sucks getting pushed out. seen it happen many times. Will have to come up and check it out next time you guys have a probro! :D
That's great news Kenny! Hey I'm an old TTU alum and Cookeville was my stomping ground for a few years, where abouts did you land a new field?
That's great. We have almost lost our field a couple of times and it is a terrible feeling.
It is just off I-40 at SR 111 at exit 288 behind the truck stop and the Nights Inn (Now we have a hotel in our back yard to stager back to after those ProBro nights :lol: ). As Kenny says the site has great potential with just a little work. We are flying off the grass now but may look to do something else this winter. The feild has a lot of shade trees behind the flight line that give good shade in the afternoon and a great view of the mountains off in the distance as you are flying. We are all glad the search is over. Our president was the one that found it through one of his contacts.
Glad ya'll found another field. The old airport there in Cookeville was my home field while in college too.
For years I've been flying of rough grass fields and then, just when I get a field that has a 1,200 yard sealed runway on it and bugger all grass -- I take up 3D/Funfly stuff.

Bloody Murphy's law!
Yah....... loosing a field for ANY reason is no joy.

But.........How would you all like to pay $15,000.00 per year like my club is doing?

We have an ongoing search for a better ( and cheaper ) field.... But in the Seattle / Tacoma area, it get bloody discouraging.
eh? I have no field to fly at. I can't afford $200 to join a club. I wish it was free for youth :(. Workign on a GS Model that's why o $$$
My local club is losing its field this year sometime. The owner of the property decided to sell it to the housing developers. It's a great field, too. 80 acres, smooth grass runway, shelter with electricity AND plumbing, bleachers, etc. So far, we've been unable to locate another place. There's another club about 20 miles away that flies off a 400' paved runway, but blacktop isn't kind to 3D practice. Of course, nobody 3Ds at that field except a couple of electric guys. Hopefully we'll find something soon.... :(
Constrictor, he didnt get to fly it at the Giant Scale but did fly it a couple weeks after. It is a very big and impressive thing to seeflying. It flys very scale like and seems to land just fine.

Joe Bob, good luck on finding a new field...sorry your losing the one you have, it sounds very nice.
We've got about 6 really nice paved runway fields out here, but they are all run by circle jerks. I was out at one of the fields with my pro bro shirt on. This guy had a U-Can-Do .60. He tried to encourage me to stay and watch him "Hang it on the prop". I haven't heard that term in years. I started telling him about the aircraft I fly and the brotherhood. I think it blew his mind. I hope is okay...
Warren Field in N Dallas is going sometime this winter.
This is why I am a member of 2 different clubs.
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