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New Discount

972 Views 2 Replies 2 Participants Last post by  TailTwister is now offering the Bros a 15% discount on all laser cut kits, per Levi Jordan (founder, president, owner, designer, do it all dude). He has some blue foam, and some Depron planes.

He is going to send me a code of sorts for Pro Bro-ness verification.

I like the Turbo Raven and the Katana S he has. His planes are like the Shock Flyer in design, and sized for the GWS300/350 motor size, so all of the Hacker and Himaxx / GWS hybrids will work fine. He also is offering some upgrades to the kits like carbon gear and stuff. Check out his website, and see what you think,
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Did he ever get that discount code to you? I'mthinking about buying a laser cut depron edge.

Jus curious.
Yeah, I sent it to Billy for him to make an official Pro Bro post. I then immediately erased it. PM Pro Bro 3D Foamy here from the Pro Bro forums. It was something like "PB4FUN".
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