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New decals are ready!!! There are 20 decals in all. No. (1) are 2- 7X8" website logo's, no. (2) are 6 website url's that are .75X16" long. No. (3) is 2- 1% logos measuring 5X9". No. (4) is 6 of your name or Pro Bro id measuring approx. 1" tall. No. (5) is 1 windshield decal measuring 3" tall and 42" long. No. (6) is 2 Pro Bro tribal flames measuring 3X14.5", and last are the wing decals. There is one for the straight cord burrito, which measures 10X41", and the .40 taper wing decal which measures 13.5 at top center tapered down to 9.5", and is 29.5" in length. I'm ready to start taking orders now. You get all 20 decals for $25.00, shipped!!! Vinyl colors available are red, med. blue,yellow, orange, black, white and gray. All we need to know is which wing decal you need and what colors you want on numbers 1-6. You can make each number a different color if you want. We can take Paypal at [email protected] or m/o's at Rita Stewart, P.O. Box 188, Kuttawa, KY. 42055. Thanks alot to all of ya'll helping me with measurements and suggestions on this project!!! R/C Rita
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My M/o will be in the mail tonight, I don't have a pay pal account!!!! :oops:
As soon as I figure out what colors I need, I'll be ordering. Got to figure out the colors for the Yak and Mojo 60 :wink:
hey Boogerboy, can you just order pairs?, like what I mean is I'd like #1 in red white black in pairs and then some red #6's... and is #1 2 7/8" sq?

Thanks Gator
howbout some smaller ones for our electric birds like the E-Taco ?
Sure Gator and ULF! Just email R/C Rita at [email protected] and she will make what ever you want or that bitch will get a smack down! LOL!
just for the record, guys; these are great graphics and a great deal! I've got a set from him, and they are the best! I put one on the bottom of my beater burrito that I don't ever clean unless I break it and they are holding tight. got a set on my flight box, too. and boogerboy and rita are great to deal with.
boogerboy said:
Sure Gator and ULF! Just email R/C Rita at [email protected] and she will make what ever you want or that bitch will get a smack down! LOL!
cool, should we quote you when contactin R/C Rita :shock: :wink:
Does anybody know if these decals are still available? I sent an e-mail to Boogerboy (using the addy) about two weeks ago but haven't heard anything back yet :?
Wow I can't see any of the photos,so i can't figure out which ones I want or need to order. :( any other way to see the photos??? :?
The post was from Sept. of last year, not sure if he's still selling? Haven't seen him around in a while either.
Yeah, that's what I was wondering. His web-site has changed over the last couple of weeks too... it used to be about the decals and now it's selling SPAD trainers; although it does mention vinyl decals there's no link or anything.
If boogerboy is off the radar, send a PM to Thunderhead about decals and vinyl. He did some stuff for Memphis, and it was first rate.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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