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New Build Katana Kit

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Just thought I would post a couple pics of the Kat I recently glued up. Had it's maiden this past Sunday. Colors are a little dark but hopefully I can get more contrast with the Pro Bro lettering on the bottom of the wing. Flies great!


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Nice Job! Good looking KatP there. What engine is that? You'll have to tweak the thrust angle to get the knife edge all dailed in but when you do, it's a knife edge machine.

You coming to Nashville? matlok will be there with #1 and I'll have mine there. We need a Kat mass hover.
I was wondering Jim how do you know when you have the plane dailed in for knife edge?Apart from trimming the plane for that condition how can you tell exactly what it needs?
First two things I would check:

CG- AT somewhere around 1/3-1/5 throttle (depending on how much power you have) establish nice smooth level flight. Roll inverted and see what happens. If you have to hold a fair amount of down elevator to maintain inverted, it's probably too nose heavy. Start working the CG back a little at a time and test-fly each time. When you reach the point where it flies 'hands off' inverted you should probably stop. Much further back and things start getting squirrley in a hurry. Right now mine requires just the slightest pressure on the down elevator stick to fly level inverted.

Thrust Line. Establich a nice level flight path at medium cruise speed. Pull smoothly into a vertical line and roll into the power (don't jam it in). Don't use the rudder and watch the plane. If it begins to pull hard left, you need more right thrust. Add washers/shims and re-test. With a short coupled plane like the Kat, you may never get it 'dead on' but it should only require small corrections on rudder to maintain a nice vertical line.

Try these things and see what you get.
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