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New Bro from Omaha

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Hi all. I was at a club meeting at the field a while back and couldnt help from watching Quicker tear it up with his burrito. I took my magic up and he talked me thru a few tricks. Right then, I knew I was hooked. I am in the process of ordering an OMP edge and can't wait to get it built and flying.

Thanks Quicker
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Hey, man welcome aboard. Let me know if you need any help with anything.

See you at the meeting Friday night? I'm hoping to be at the field early Sat morning to test a new plane. Of course I'll have the Burrito with me too :lol:
Welcome ggibson! We need to get quicker to host a probro next year.
It's already on the calendar. Shooting for the end of July 2005.
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