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Hey Guys! Signed up a few days ago and I am just now posting my first post. Better late then never? I started flying only 3 years ago. When I started, I asked myself, where do I want to go with hobby? :roll: I did a lot of research on net and learned of this thing called 3-D. I decided that was for me. :p So for my second plane, though not a 3-Der, I got a US Aircore Colt .40. This was to be a plane that I could beat the hell out of and learn some low stuff and my first start to hover(up very high). From there I went to the UCD .60/w Saito 1.00. From this plane I really learned alot. Even did my first inverted landing. Ran out of fuel during a low wall to waterfall. Plane unbroken, except prop and canopy. Then a friend of mine offered to build me a profile FW-190 by John Hoover at the start of this season. I was not into profiles but he made such a great offer for the plane that I could not resist. The plane flew great, but just did not give me the 3-D moves that I had read about profiles doing. I knew that there had to something more from these profiles by the way this one flew. So I did some more research and came upon a video of the EF 540. I got one with a Saito .72 and OHHH YAAAA :D Found my 3-D machine. Did my first hovering tail touch a few weeks ago and still have not come down from the high!! So then I thought I was now good enough to join the Pro Bros that I have read so much about. Now here I am :wink: Hope to meet you guys soon at what well be my first fun fly. OK I will shut up now, I know this is long, but that is my story and I am sticking to it!

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hi guys

only 16 but flying a long time(my dad at it for 40ich years so you know)we live in israel but i was born in south africa - we have a great circle of friends flying and it's a growing sport - not so easy for us to get all the right stuff but we manage - i have in the region of 35 planes from small to big - i fly 3d and enjoy my profiles for practice it sets me up for when i use the ultimate or big funtana's and its a lot cheaper when i crash and i seem to do that often :D - i am active in several forums like flying circus and so on.
Nice to have a couple of 3D'rs enjoying themselves!
Thanks Chuck. :D :D
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