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never never, ever...

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Stab a bad lipo cell with an exacto knife while it soaks in solution just to see what happens. Friggin' water hits the ceiling...dogs bark...horrible sounds...and I'll never forget the smell. Took 2 days to get it out. Kinda like watching your first child be born. I was really bored.
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have an electric plane pointed at you while plugged in and try to check control surface deflection. :shock: :cry:
Use a pair of ***** to cut both wires on a li poly pack at the same time!
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
Never hit a small bird in your dads brand new Scanner and nearly piss your pants.

Its ok, my pants are clean and the plane is fine.


I am well aware that what I said is nothing to do with electrics.
Never forget to shut off your electric 3d plane, load it in the back of your van and then turn off the transmiter :roll: :roll: :roll:
It seems logical to turn on the transmiter but logic escapes when your foamy is doing waterfalls in a caravan...for some reason you just want to catch it :p :p
Wassup Gordo, Florida's fun fly.......gettin closer :D
Hope to be there.......still a long time from my point of view :x

Hey, you get my PM?
Sorry for the delay, I have been dodging hurricanes and making LOTS of signs. I will check my instant messages now and get back to you.
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