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Need a rib set for the Katana kit....

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I've e-mailed OMP a couple of times asking about purchasing a rib set for the Katana kit and haven't heard any response. Anyone heard from them lately?

I would like to get another set of ribs because I don't like the way my wing came out at all. I was in skin-flint mode and tried to use Titebond glue as I was out of CA. Ended up with a lot of warps, most of which I was able to remove with water and weight, but I just don't trust it. None of this was the fault of the kit - only my own carelessness. :oops:

So, rather than finishing a wing I don't trust, I want to start over and build a new one, this time with the RIGHT stuff.
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Dont you just hate it when something messes up with a kit? Why dont you give them a call in a few days if you cant get them by email, they seem to have email probs from time to time. :D
Yeah, I guess I should just call. I asked them about it a couple of months ago and they said they didn't have any spares at the moment, but were expecting the next shipment in a few weeks. I figured it had been long enough to check again...

I'm not saying anything was wrong with the kit; it was all my screw-up. It it comes down to it, I saved the wood from the rib sheets, so I could trace them and cut out new ones. It would just be easier to have the new set, though.
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