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Who's going to the NEAT Fair? Any pro bros. I never got to meet any of you. You are all frekaign hilarious. Well, I did meet Billy Hell so I guess I met one. Hey Billy Hell are you going? I'll let you get osme stick time on my Shockies if you wanna. Well, let me know if you are going


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I will be there and last year there were at least 4 Bros that found me.
When is it?
It's like the weekend before Nashville... In New York... Man, SEFF is too far for me, no way I could swing NEAT :(
Oops...real sorry guys for the late post. I was wondering where this post was I looked on all the sites lol. Well, Billy Hell is probably there now, I tihnk I'm doign a Saturday-Sunday thing and dad said if we sleep in the car I can buy a two TP packs for the cost of the hotel :) I'd rather do that :) I hoep to see some bros there!

Dan :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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