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Nashville video is up.....

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Well, I finished the doggone vid three days ago (a helluvalotta work) , but all my attempts to load it failed because of my pitiful dialup connection and server problems...

Then I remembered that my neighbor runs a web development bus. from her house. Loaded up real fast from her connection...

Its a pretty big file, but I think its worth it. I tried to get as many different guys and their planes as possible in the vid so I hope ya'll like it.....This vid is also the reason I put up the 'What music do Probro's listen to....' thread......

Enjoy it!

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Awesome job dude! Thanks for sharing and the effort you put in to it!
Wow, that was excellent! One day I'll make it to one of the events. I'm planning on trying to make the one close to Perry, Ga next year, if it's still on.

I still don't see how 27 guys can keep track of their plane at the same time. I have trouble with 3 or 4! That's sure one heck of a frequency control job!
that video is too cool for words jeremy. Good job
WOW Jeremy, GREAT Video,,,loved the ending,,,,,hey and the what it feels like to be viloated...that was killer, nice job...ya da man,,,G
61 meg

I'll let you know what I think in the morning :D
Its worth the wait! Good job Jeremy!!
Awsome video Jeremy!

I actually fealt violated for a few seconds there!

You know the Bro's are truly an awsome group of guys that really know how to have fun.
Jeremy, That vid kicks a whole lot of ass!
I know I speak for all the bros when I say thanks.

I hear your movie has quite a cult following :lol:
Its worth watching just for the mass hover. Kick ass dude.
Awesome video guys, I wish I was there. :cry:
That is sooooo KICK ASS !!!
:shock: :D :D :D
Great video, but that last frame cracked my monitor! :shock:

Bill is in the mail :D
Great Job!!! took the T-line 4 minutes :shock:
This is the best vid I think I've ever seen! The song totally jives with the video. Gator =IS= the "kid with a pad and a pen and a big imagination!"

Love the lyrics for the mass hover : "Everybody come on!" If this vid doesn't get you psyched, nothing will.

Click Click Boom!

Thanks Jeremy!
hell yes! now I'm pumped up to go out to ndallas field and hover my ass off!
1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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