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I thought a head count would be good for Nashville. If your a vendor and are coming please post in this thread. This might be the biggest Pro Bro to date! I think the record for the mass hover is 19 birds are once. We will have to bread that record!! Sept. 25 and 26th.
Hotel and poster coming soon.

Here is a link to the field:

Here is the link to the hotel: ... ooms.shtml
Driving directions: ... .shtml#map

Jeff Williams (Sledge Designer) will donate carbon fiber landing gear and CA for balsa - WILL ATTEND

Extreme Flight - will donate an Edge 540 - WILL ATTEND

Hobby Lobby - will donate a Hell Raiser

Hobby Lobby will donate a Raptor - WILL ATTEND

OMP - will donate a 47" profile of choice (Edge or Yak or Katana) - WILL ATTEND

BH - George Hicks Tribute Foamy 3D

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Things are good on the PB site...I feel like I got a new PROFILE
Ron Ferrer- WILL ATTEND- will donate my organ...
I've got my reservations...........and with what's gone on lately, I can't see not being there....just to see the planes w/PORCU decals!!!!
You know ole Crashthat is going to be in Nashville! Looking forward to a good time, and not to many crashes.
Ok, I saw it before somewhere but don't know where and my searches seem to be SuK'n...
Is there a list of who's on what channel for the Nashville Brouhaha?
My buddy asked me if I wanted to go so I'm thinking of trying to make it! Of course I gotta figure out what to do with the wife and kids..Is it safe to bring them? HEH HEH
I cant wait but guess I will have too. I'll be there hopefully with a Virgin Bird.
I'll be there.

Wagas, Rik756 did the freq. list I think. He has been out of town for the last week in training. I'm sure when he gets back (Sunday I think) he will be glad to post it over here.

Really lookin forward to this one guys. :D
I already have my reservations and will be there!
Here is the latest list I have. PM or email me if you have changes or additions etc.



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I guess since most people will still be remembered by their RCU name, I'll leave that name on there for the list.... Unless of course everyone truly wants it changed. I think changing it a few weeks before the event would just add confusion and partially defeat the point of having it. Fairly sure the name tag idea died.


Jim D. I have you added on the list :D
Man I sure hope I can come to this, AND nobody is on my channel yet either....HEH HEH
I got spectra... what frequency you on? :D just kidding!
Name tag idea didn't die, it got deleted (at the Forum, that no longer has a name).
THis is one vote for name tags. I got a good reason. I don't want to go into it here. It will be obvious enough when I show up in Nashville. But please Name and Handles together

I'm deciding whether to come down or not. Is there anyone from the Chicago area going? The only thing that sucks is I will be coming by myself and I don't know anyone. I only know the guys from their posts.
Dude, I went to Houston in 03...Didn't know a soul there. Hooked up with Ulf, the Memphis Mafia, KeyKey, and a few of the others that came down on Friday. Now I have people I truely consider friends from far and wide at every event. Not only that, but at every event I make even more friends....hell, hanging out with these guys is half (more than half!) of the fun.

I never knew a single one of them before my first ProBro, except from the forums, but I can tell you I have never met a finer bunch of guys than the ProBros.

I urge you to try to come to Nashville and see for yourself what it's all about!!
chucks right, didnt know anybody other than the locals here, but you meet alot of cool dudes , and then you find out that, "hey this guy is the DEAN of MICKY D's" and hes a PRO BRO. I guess youd have to know old TP to tell how cool that MOFO IS.

but just meeting others and finding out what they do for a liveing is amazeing

then theres the seminars......immediately after the mass hover, chuck is gonna do a how to on "feltching", with and with out a straw, :p followed by stanoo, he'll show you how to do it with no hands :shock: ....G
Well as long as I can get off of work, I'm there.
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