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I have gone over every inch to try and find something wrong with it -- and I can't --LOL --I bought it from a very nice guy in North Central Missouri -- He is definatley a great builder -- I haven't weighed it yet but it feels about the same weight as my OMP 540 with the servos and TT46 mounted on it -- Speaking of weight how do you guys go about getting these things weighed?? Thought about hanging it from my digital fish scale but didnt know if that was an accurate method.

I can see where he did lots of lightning on it -- servo hatches and several other places that don't appear to be in the building steps.

Since it's a Morris and not a fine OMP product, I will have a plane that I can take more chances with. You know damn well that plane is going to be mine!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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