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My ShockFlyer Ships

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Hobby Lobby shipped my Shocky today and the AXI. I am so excited to be able to hover outside during lunch...

I'm taking the addiction to a whole new level. No more weekend only flying....I'm talking flying EVERY DAY!
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You're gonna love it duuuude... I used to go fly everyday durring lunch... I worked 5 minutes from a flyin field... Got pretty bad when I was taking 3 hr lunches..... I dont' do it as much anymore.. But sometime I still sneak out and do some foamy 3d..... gotta get that fix now and again.
Sounds good 3D-aholic! Give us a flight report and a list of the equipment you used when its all done. I'm considering one of these myself.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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