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my new shocked foamie

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I built this guy up in the last few days as a prototype.

basically i read all i could about depron and little shock-fuse foamies and then TLAR'd my own. setup is an axi 2808-34/CC phoenix 10/3 11g servos/berg 5/litenna/apogee 830 3s, or TP 1320 3s. started out on a 9x4.7 apc sf prop.

i gave it a 36ish inch wing and a 38inch fuse, with exaggerated side area, carbon flat glued and taped to TE and LE, fuse parts tabbed together. foam safe medium CA used throughout (and im not too happy with the glue joints. or the glue, its the consistency of snot).

maiden was in my back yard which i quickly determined to be too small. bent the tail in half, so i glued in some triangle stock reinforcement.

color is courtesy of colored packing tape, which took way too long for a prototype :)



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check the sticky thread at the top of "electrics" I put my sources up there.

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