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My Nashville Pro Bro Pix.

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For anyone interested you are welcome to my pix from the Nashville Pro Bro. There are quite a few of the mass hover and several general shots. They are all high resolution (1 MB +) so be prepared to spend a few minutes downloading them.

Let me know if you have problems with the link or downloading the pics and I will try to resolve any problems. Also feel welcome to browse the ftp for whatever else you may find there.

Enjoy :!:
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So many profiles, could that be heaven. I wish I could go to just one Pro Bro event :'(

Thanks for posting ths pics from Nashville. Wish I could have gone to it but the Gods just weren't smiling on me for this one.
The mass hover must have been awesome to witness.
If those pics wont get your juices going I dont know what will.
WOW...great pics JUNK!!!,,,G
Great pics! The mass hover was the best! While we were all hovering there, I was thinking how the roar of all those engines reminded me of the start of a big race. It was loud and lasted a long time! I went up fairly early and stayed up over seven minutes before I turfed it. There were still a lot up when I came down. Very Cool!!
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Stop it you are making me jealous/sad that I couldnt be there. Oh well at least you guys had a good time. I would have loved to have seen that mass hover, how many planes were there in the hover?

I heard both 24 and 27. I don't know which was correct. At least 24 planes hovering over the runway and no midairs during the MH. Priceless!
This 3D shit is dangerous! NOT!

fantastic pics sure would be cool if we could have a probro out here in shakey land maybe one day i can make it back to tenn for one
The pics of the mass hover kick ass. Thats the first Ive seen of anything like that. Now I just need to be a part of one. Thanks for the pics dude.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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