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My design Edge540

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One thing I'm not happy with in the foamies I've built from and is they don't look like profile funflys. Also, while my Extra 300 from 3dfoamy flies OK, it starts wing rocking like crazy in a harrier. I started looking at them all and they just don't have big enough wings and tail feathers. They ain't true fun flys!

Sunday night I took some digital pics of my EF Edge 540 and put them in OpenOffice draw and traced around them, then put that in TurboCad and worked the design over a bit, added the X fuse and came up with this. It's a 36 inch span, and looks promising. I gotta get my gear into it tonight, and if it flies well I'll clean up the CAD files and share them with y'all.

If this works out well, I think I'm gonna do the same thing to my Burrito. I think everybody needs an electric foamy Burrito!
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Just a thought, but one of the things you may run into is wing loading. The foamies tend to fly better with a wing loading of around 5oz per sq ft. Increasing the wing area a lot may take your wing loading so low that it does not fly like a plane anymore, but more like a kite.

But, as always, experimenting is the great thing about the foam planes. Doesn't cost a lot to try new things.

Let us know how it works out !
I just calculated it to be 4.5 oz if it ends up where I want the weight to be.
Let's get it on, Quicker! I wanna see how that comes out.

EF Edge, Buritto, Taco, Mini 3D, Katana P...

There are som many good ones to choose from. Maybe you can come up with a magic formula for us. Draw the plane at x scale and add y% to the wing area and poof!
We'll see what I can do. I made a spreadsheet for the SPAD guys to use to scale the SpadStick all around. It's been used to make small .25 powered versions all the way up to 45cc gasers. All fly like a dream according to the builders.
Got all the gear on it. My replacement brushless ESC is on backorder from CC, so I put my other GWS 350 unit on here. With my 3 cell E-Tec LiPo and 4 servos (2 aileron) it weighs in at 12oz. That means my wing loading is gonna be lighter that I thought. We will just have to see. Now if I can get a decent day around here I'll get some video.
Looking at that has convinced me to quit worrying about Depron. The fan fold is SO much cheaper and that looks great!!! Please fly it so we can all go nuts copying it!!!!
As a side note, I decided the same thing after building my first bipe. It was fun but not "fun fly" So my second one had nearly double the tail surfaces and 25% more wing. It is much better. As a matter of fact, if it weren't so fragile compared to the eSledge I'd stick with the Bipe 'cause it looks so cool!!
Thanks. Yeah, I'm sticking with fan fold for too. Light and cheap. Shoot some primer on it and you can paint it any color. If it came in white it would be perfect.

It's supposed to rain all day here. Might clear up after my son's baseball practice tonight, so we will see about a flight tonight.
This thing rocks! I wish I was a better pilot to show this thing off. Here is the video from the maiden voyage tonight before it got too dark. A little breezy, but not bad.

It is ROCK solid stable...totaly blows away the Extra 300 I made from plans at I was right....those designs don't have the right wings or tail feather shapes. Fun fly shapes or bust!

I'll get the CAD files cleaned up and converted to PDFs that you can print. I'll also make the DXF file downloadable.

I'm VERY happy with this plane. I might actually be able to learn rolling harriers with this one :roll:

right click and save to your PC for playing:
OK, plane and simple, right out in the open: You got time to have one of those for me at Memphis? I'll pay, I'll assemble, I'll even clean your plane off (once) :p
Wish I was going to Memphis. Now you got me all bumbed again. I missed Houston also.

I'll let the cat out of the bag...yes I'm gonna post the plans for all to download and build, but I'm also building 10 of these pre-painted and router cut with the Kirby Chambliss scheme. I've been spending the good part of the last month making decals on my computer and if I do say so myself, they ROCK. Kit will include the plane already painted and decaled up), CF rod spar, router cut hinge lines and motor mount wood block. $35 plus shipping, which I think will be around $7 or $10. Depending on how those sell, I'll make some more. I'm pretty busy with my son's baseball and work, so small quantities like this are all I can handle.

I'll post pics and let you know when they are done. The CF rods are in the mail. I gotta get the parts to my flying buddy to spray (he has a nice spray setup).
Just got back from lunch and flying the plane. 10 to 12 MPH winds according to the local weather websites. It was very stable and controllable in the wind. Got in some #9's, and about pulled a Gator a few times :shock: Nothing like brushing your hair with the rudder :lol:

I only got through one battery pack, though. I bent the stupid shaft on the GWS gearbox and my spares are at home....

This plane makes me look great, and I'm not. A few weeks on this thing and I'll be good enough to oput ProBro back on the bottom and not bring shame to the name.

Man I'm having fun :D
Gordo: I sent you a PM.
OK. I got the plans cleaned up enough that most of you scratch builders will be able to work through this. I made some PDF files, but I also put of the CAD file for those that want to print a full sheet. I did not include a PDF for the main wing, because it's based on a simple 36x15 rectangle. Draw that on the foam, them use the measurements shown in the plans to draw the TE sweep and ailerons. It's VERY simple.

I am still waiting on the CF rods, so I don't have any of the kits finished yet. I'll take some pics of the kit when it's ready to be shipped. I'm looking at $35 per kit. The kit planes WILL be painted and have decals on them and include the CF rod and hardwood block for mounting GWS gearboxes. If you use other motors or non-GWS gearboxes you should be able to mount them too, since it has an X fuse like the shockflyers.

Here's the plans. Let me know if you build one or need help building.
Thanks bro. Printed the plans out at work today, will start cutting this weekend. Looks great! Will keep you posted on the results.
Cool. I'd love to see some pics. Video would be even better. Let me know if you have any problems or questions.


Here's yours. I'll be shipping it today, and I'll make sure you get it in time for SMALL. Bottom is all white.

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Oh, I also want to piont out that the ZIVKO and EDGE 540 on the wings will be painted on via stencil in the future. It is almost impossible to match the yellow ink on the decals to the yellow paint.
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