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My 65" Yak

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This has been my best profile yet. I'm surprised that they aren't more popular, but I have seen an increase in threads on this profile. Many have probably seen this one already, but I'm about to recover it. The flour. orange just faded too much. The best thing I like to do with this plane is the parachute( I think that's what it's called. I go up until it's a spec in the sky and dive straight towards the ground. At about 10-12ft I give full elevator and it comes to a direct stop into a harrier. The older guys at the field said that just aint right. I do mix my ailerons to follow the elevator when I do this. I have been playing around and mix in the ailerons to go opposite of the elevator. It will stop and do a loop right away. I haven't tried it as low though. I think this plane makes me look better them I am. :D


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I think the reason they aren't more popular is just the 90 sized engine being somewhat of a mystery to some guys. I know I sure like Constrictor Steve's with the YS110, really sweet! But I've read so many posts with guys having a ST 90 and not real happy, OS 91 and not real happy, etc..

What are you running on yours??
I have a ST90 on mine. It's not bullistic out of a hover, but it does everything just fine. The only disappointing time was a couple of days when it was over 90deg out. I don't think you need a $300+ motor to enjoy this plane. I have an EF edge with a Saito 72 on it and I prefer to fly the Yak over it. If I had the money I would put the YS in it. But even with the ST90 in it, I like it better then any of my 40 size profiles.
I've certainly got no complaints with mine, and I really went cheap. Magnum 91 2 stroke I got from (cough)RCU for $105, some really cheapo, but powerful, GWS servos for the ailerons, and left over parts for the rest. One of the best planes I've ever had.....
looks like the tank is slipping off, i'm going to start a Show off your 65" yak thread in showcase, put that pic in there, like the cover job
The tank problem has been fixed. That was taken right after the first flight.
I bought this kit, still in the closet. I have a Saito 100 from a UCD that I can't stand anymore that I was planning on using. Will I be disappointed? Are these planes coming out heavier than the 7 lb advertised?

7.5ish mine is close to 8, heavy motor and 5cell 2700mAh battery
i think the 100 could do it, hover pull out wont be awsome but it will work, could sell it and save up for a ys110 the best motor for this as constrictor has proven..
The biggest 4 stroke I have is a Saito 91, and I was told that it would be marginal. That's why I haven't bought one myself. I like the way they fly though.

saito 91? wait a month and get the new katana70 arf!!
my Yak came out around 7.75lbs with OS91FX. I am running 1650mh miMH battery. Hitec 225 throttle, 945 on rudder and elevator, and 5945's on wing. great flying plane. just needs more power. I was thinking about putting a TT 1.20 $200.00 or webra 1.20 2-stroke on it $230+muffler. It flys like a OMP real light. But needs more power. I need about 4-5oz nose weight (not added) to get my CG to fly neutral inverted. But it already weighs enough so as long as I am keeping the OS91FX on there I am not going to add weight.

This plane is worth building again, unless Paul Swanny comes out with a .60 MOJO that comes in under 7lbs.

If you do build this plane. Cut holes, use lighter wood, and get this plane to come out at 7lbs and it would be a blast with a .91 2-stroke.


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I guess I'll have to break down and get the YS 110.

What servo torque would y'all recommend? The manual says "4 standard size servos", but no way. I was thinking of dressing this bird out right with some Hitec digital coreless servos, but I don't want too much overkill. Recommendations on torque for each control surface?


Talk to Mark Culpepper or Steve. They both have sweet set-ups on theirs. I got to fly Mark's yesterday and I needed a cigarette and a nap after I was done! I'm not sure on the specs here, but I think he has 5945's all the way around and a 5925(?) on the throttle.

We discussed it yesterday and he thought that the lower priced 56somethings would be fine for the ailerons but that you would want something like the beefier 5945 for atleast the rudder. That thing is a big ole slab swingin around back there.

This is one nice plane and another big thank you to Mark for giving me some stick time on his.

Do you guys think that a YS 120 would big to much for this plane? I have the plane ordered, but I already have the engine sitting on the bench.
I think it would be fine about the same output as the newer 110 with a tad more weight but that yak has plenty of wing loading to take care of it...
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