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Mounting Servos to Mojo

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Ok, I got the sheer webs in the wing and the leading edge sheeting attached to the subspar. The servo rails are next. I am going to use Hitec 225s. They are smaller than the standard servo. Any suggestions on how I should make changes for the smaller servos? If I set the mounting rails for the smaller servos it may be hard to put standards in later if I don't like the smaller servos. If I set the plane up for standard servos I will have to add spacers to mount with, but they could be cut out later if I had to. Choices choices. :?

I'm hoping a Bro has had to make this choice and could share the pluses and minuses.

Thanx, Dick
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Weight and rigidity....those are your concerns. Use the least amount of wood to make it strong enough. Or, to put it them for the 225s. If you want to change, you'll have to cut them out, that's life :lol:
Start building another MOJO :D :D :D
Cutting them out later won't be any big deal. You're talking about 15-30 mins of work. I did the same thing with my sledge recently. I removed a 225 and replaced it with a standard servo (too much bad luck with 225's).

you can probably lay another piece of 1/4 spruce alongside one of the stock mounts between the ribs; the 225's are about 1/4" shorter than standards. then cut it back out if retrofitting to standards. that's what I usually do when mounting hs-81 throttle servos on standard servo rails, anyway.
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