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Most amazing 3D video I have ever seen....

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This kid must be made an honorary Bro. He even took some inspiration fron Gator in the video.... This is a definite must see. 8) ... aHouse.wmv
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I saw that over at rcgroups earlier. The scene on the toilet is great.
He's badass, there's no doubt about it. He also seems to have really bad adandruff.... never seen someone scratch there head so much while flying :p Whatta Smartass! lol
he must have no nut sack left too :D
i bet his parents are wondering what these marks on the wall are
thats the kid that was flying in the elevator, and in the tunnel somewhere.

I like the plane, I'm sure he had someone airbrush it, but I'd like to get a kit, anyone know where to get one?
I think that someone should send that one to Dave Brown! He'd say that there is no way to fly a plane with a damaged rudder, much less hover with half a rudder! :shock: ... %3Dknuffel
here's the plans request page. Fill out the request and a link to plans will be emailed to you. The link only works once. ... te=knuffel
more info

I just got enough 3mm to build like 3 or 4 planes. This ones on the list :D
If flying abilities like that are needed to belong here a lot of us wouldn´t be here :shock:
I wish I am 15 again.
Pinches chamacos.
Yeh, one slip of the thumb and you get casteration.... No Thanks.
When I'm flying, I need the full use of both legs in order to run away from the plane if necessary... :lol:
Just think... never having to dust the furniture again... :wink:
That has got to be some of the best flying I have ever saw.......someone get that kid a 40% an let him go hang with the big boys.
That's the same kid, Manuel, that there was a video of flying a depron ultimate in a park 2 years ago.

He's what got us into the Ultimate thing and Li-Poly batteries.
jimross said:
Watch it asshole :p Im 14.

Nice flying there too.

I'm 17 in a week. Kids are going to take over the world :twisted:
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