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Anybody interested, please send me a PM or email.

I have a Morris Sudokhoi built from a ARF with a Irvine 53, crazy legs and all Hitec 225MG's on it that I would be willing to sell in order to collect some funds. It has a repaired fuse, but still flies awesome. Weight is 4 lbs 10 oz. , so the Irvine has plenty of power. Shoots straight up like a rocket. I will also include the battery which is a NIMH 720mah 6V from radical rc. Just add your rx and go fly. Asking $350 plus shipping. Would also sell without engine for $250.
Please send your email address for pictures if seriously interested. Thanks

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Well, I'll be lucky to hover it at all but it's still in good enough shape to do some learning on :p

Thanks Texas 3D

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