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OK, have decided to let this ARF go also. This is a Sudokhoi ARF from Morris new in the box. As you probably know, Morris is out of all ARF's and none are available. Actually the Sudokhoi has been out a year and a half.
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gonna put an OS .46 fx with an ultra thrust muffler on it that will work right? i mean if a stock .46 will hover it the ultra thrust ought give it a little more had it on a WM **** red and was pretty fast.......
Hey Mark, no ned for an ultrathrust muffler. Just use a tower muffler. I had a 46 Pro with tower muffler on mine, and it was plenty. No running a Irvine 53 with stock muffler (baffle removed). Just try to keep everythng as light as possible. My Sudokhoi ARF cam e in at 4 lbs 6 oz. Prett darn light for a ARF. I sed Hiotec 225MG servos , JR slimline rx, and a 720 mah 6V NIMH battery pack from radical rc.
Sudokhoi is on it's way, on you should have it Monday the 26th.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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