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Morris Knife

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I found out today that my Knife absolutely will not fly properly with the right wing missing. I was doing my usual silly shit, did a couple of pinwheels, some tail slides, hover practice, etc.

Went straight up about 100 feet, popped over into a flat spin down to about 50 feet. recovered and pulled up, opened throttle, BAM! hit the pylon pole in the middle of the field. Right wing vaporized into balsa dust.
Shit it was spectacular. Plane flew almost another 100 yards before she lawn darted. Fuselage is not hurt at all. All I need is a new wing kit and I'll be back in business.

Shame she went that way but it was great anyhow.
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That beats "death by hanger rash" any day!!!

I actually had a guy brag to me that he had all of the airplanes he has built for the last 8 years and hasn't crashed one of them. :shock:

He's not trying hard enough!!!!! :twisted:
AND HE AIN'T HAVIN' ANY FUN EITHER! Bet all he does is fly around in big loose circles for about ten laps and then lands.
Might be time to get the Burrito finished. :D
I did something similar a whiles back... Hit one of the poles holding the limbo streamer. Amazingly, the wing kinda held up and I was able to actually land the plane despite the fact that half the wing (not aileron) could easily move up and down over 6 inches... ...
sorry to hear that Jim.
I still have the kit build Knife for sale if you like.
That's alright. I kinda enjoyed it when she went SPLAT into that pole. The sucka flew almost another 100 yards with one wing missing. It rained balsa pieces for a long time. The fuse wasn't hurt at all so I'm gonna order another wing kit and put 'er back together.

How much do you want for the Knife Kit? I might just work out something with ya.

Guess now I just gotta get busy on the Burrito. I still got the TopCap, my Mustang and a Friday night special that I built sunday night. (SPAD)
It's just that the darn Knife flew so well.
Shit and two makes eight.
I'm guessing you won't miss the knife too much once you fly the Burrito. :D
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