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morgantown fly in?

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Haven't heard much about this one. am kinda interested as I helped chris learn to fly; a really good guy! he is the one hosting. I flew in logansport a few years back with the morgantown guys; I was the one that hit myself in the chest with my plane :D no damage, pretty odd situation!

anyway, what's the scoop?
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Hey Ron great to hear from ya,

the fly in was great, low attendance because it rained all around the field. Flew our butts off. Lots of 3-D stuff. the guys from Henderson and Owensboro showed up and a few others. Don was there, but Lanny could'nt make it. I will try to post some pics later.
man, I wish I coulda gone! I was really surprised to see you here, and am glad you are flying 3-D! Looking forward to the pic's! You going to nashville? I am going to that one, hope you guys can make it!
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