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More on LiPoly cutoff's

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I have my 2cell LiPoly's currently at 7.2 as the cutoff on the ESC....

The cutoff is suppose to be 6 right?

Should I change it from 7.2 to doesn't seem like much is left in them at 7.2....typically I'm landing at like nearly 1/2 throttle I think.
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If anything, you are just being kind to your packs. My guess is you probably have some good packs and aren't pushing them to their limits, so they don't drop voltage under load enough to send you into LVC.

Heck, it only take a few minutes to change it to 6V, you might see how it does. Won't hurt anything, that's still a conservative setting.
Yes, I can change it to 6 if its still conservative. I'm guessing the drop off to 7.2 to 6 is fairly exponential. Its a bit of a pain to do it with the CastleCreations manual mode.

Should I set the cut-off to soft instead of hard as well? It sounds as if most people are doing that so it throttles down slowly instead of instantly off...right?
Yeah, I'd use soft for anything down to the 3C/cell limit. You can really drain the pack if you use soft at a setting less than 3V/cell. But for 3D I'd never use anything but soft cut and just select the best cut off level.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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