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Monokote Question

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I have a question for any of the Monokote Grand Master Poo Bahs in the group. :lol:

What is the preferred method for applying a couple of 1/4" trim stripes the length of my fuselage? (similar to a Sudo fuselage trim scheme)

If I use the Windex method, do I then go over the stripes with heat, or just use trim sealer? Or is heat or sealing even necessary after using Windex? Or, should I skip the regular Monokote and use a piece of Trim Monokote?

Is it necessary to seal the Trim Monokote?

Thanks guys, sorry for all the questions. :?: :?: :?:

Pro Bro #222
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Monokote Grand Master Poo Bahs
I don't qualify, but since Gator hasn't replied yet I'll give it a shot.

A trim stripe must be sealed by some method. If they are narrower than about a half an inch you could use heat and not have to worry too much about creating bubbles underneath a stripe.

However, I've found that sqirting the plane with windex befor you apply the stripe allows you to position/ and re-position it several times before you permanently seal it.

You must let the windex dry overnight!!!!!!! It will blister if you don't.

I'm learning to appreciate trim solvent more every time I use it. I will probably start using it for trim stripes as well.

Take a Q-tip and dip it in solvent. Dab the Q-tip on a paper towel to get rid of the excess. (too much can melt the monokote and make it bleed) Then run the Q-tip down both sides of the trim stripe.

Thats pretty much it.

I learned most of what I know from one of Gators' posts on RCU.
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I apply TopFlite LusterKote clear with a little brush to the edges of seams and stripes etc. Spray some in the can top and dip your brush into the liquid. It's fuel proof and dries quick, clear, and it's hardly noticeable. It's what I use to seal all of the seams that are in the path of bigtime oil residue. Works great.

John Wells
I have used the Windex method a lot and had great luck. I bought solvent but usually I just hit it with a warm iron in the morning. I have only had a few things peel but only 1 or 2.
I have also hit it before the Windex was gone and that sucked. Nice big puffing bubbles.
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