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monocote or ultracote

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Do you prefure monocote or ultracote
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I amm about to cover a plane but i have used monocote but I have herd that ultracote is the better of the two. Not shure which one to go for?
Ultra shrinks and streaches much bettter.
I like to use ultrakote for the base colors, then trim with monokote using the windex method.
The only thing monocote has on Ultracote is it is shinier! :)

Ultracote is the better covering IMO. Its is stronger (less brittle) easier to work with, and you don't have to trim the friggen clear edges off it.
I like to use ultrakote for the base colors, then trim with monokote using the windex method
What he said....
you don't have to trim the friggen clear edges off it.
I hear ya on that brother, i hate that
ultra transparent Rules also
oracover is the same thing for our Euro freinds
Low temp Or Regular?
Low temp Or Regular?
i see they have easycoat now but i cant find any info on it, as far as i know i'm using just the standard stuff, and for the transperent ive been using its really thin and light probably 1oz/sqyard but doent say anything different on the label, horizon web site has so little product info
Doesn't anyone use Solarfilm?

I love the transparent colors that you can get with Solarfilm and it is cheaper than either monocoat or Ultracoat.
Ive seen solorcote at my LHS but thats as far as I got. seems the ultracote for the base and monocote for the trim seems to be the way to go.
I voted for ultracote. I used to swear by monokote, but something changed in the shrinkability of the white. I pulled out a roll of much older monokote and it shrank much better than the new stuff. I'm sure of what I experienced and someone up the manufacturer chain simply won't admit it. I think monokote is easier to clean, but that's about all I see that's better now. Has anyone tried the new Sig stuff? I'm curious to see what it's like.

I like Moneykote a little better when using transparents, sloids ultracote has the edge (I have had problems with seams on ultracote), but my favorite is 21st Century, I am going to try the Sig stuff next.
for plastic films ultracote then monokote for fabrics i like sig koverall then solartex then century
Damn-it you dead horse,,,,stay down, stay down. No matter how many times I beat that dead horse it just pops right back up!!!!

Monokote.....all the way....DOWN DEAD HORSE DOWN!!! BAM BAM :lol: :lol: :lol:
We were beating a horse? :lol:

I'll chuck in my recent experience with Ultracote. I covered my Yak as you all know a little while back with monokote and it worked out well. Although interesting note that it took me about 6 nights to get the base colours on. Note this does NOT include the decals I did. The monokote does have a really nice lasting finish in my opinion. Especially when compared to solarfilm which I use a lot. The solarfilm doesn't last much longer than a year. Mono seems to go on for a bit.

Ok then I built a new comp fun fly the last 3 weeks and decided to cover it with Ultracote to guinee pig for the LHS. I used the transparent stuff on this one. First impressions was not nearly what I expected. This stuff was THIN! Like friggen mad thin! But decided to get it on anyways. This time it took me only 2 nights to cover the whole plane! It was super easy to work with once you get used to it. So I guess i'm going to be using it much more often from now. All depending on how long it lasts glue wise.
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I don't see how you cast your vote on this..

But once you use Ultracote there is nothing else. I have a plane now that has both Ultracote and Monocote. The Ultracote pulled up about 90% with some clear and color separate that I had to work a little harder to get off the balsa. The monocote had sagged beyond belief and is so brittle it has completely separated and has to be sanded off.
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