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mojo impressions

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flew the prototype in nashville. what surprised me was not the hovering qualities, which were excellent and expected from paul's stuff, but the fact that it tracked well and point rolled crisply in "normal" flight!

So, am building mine now. Notes so far:

as usual, wood quality is EXCELLENT, as is the cnc routing- paul, do you do it, or dickeybird, or what? regardless, the parts fit perfect.

The engineering is also great- or maybe paul just builds like I do? :D

I noticed the instructions specify 4 shear webs, while the plans show 3. so I put 4 which webbed it to the tip; none in the center bay as the burrito had none.

On cutting the webs; I butted a sheet on the table and drew the spar angle along the bottom spar and cut. then butted the sheet on the bottom spar and using the top spar as a guide drew a line about 3/16" above the spar. it fit right in, just short enough not to interfere with spar capstrips, and leaving an angle on the main sheet for the next cut.

When putting l.e. and stringers in, I shoved the mount in between root ribs vertically to set width so I wouldn't push them in causing the mount/tube to be hard to install later

on the l.e. sheeting; I preferred to sand t.e. and sheet t.e. first, then unpin and sand high spots off l.e. and stringers. then glued sheeting to bottom spar and wet well. pin back down to plans and pull sheeting up and around l.e. and glue to top spar, then leave it a couple hours for sheeting to dry; with wing pinned down like that I can't warp it while sheeting l.e.

That's all I got done so far, hope there are some useful tips here! will post more as build progresses, and thanks, paul! your stuff can't be beat!!
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got the wing built and rough sanded. no hatches yet. weight right now only 6.6 oz.! most of the time my wings run 8-9 oz. really good wood in this one.


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Now tell me that is not a piece of aeronautical eloquence. Beautiful wing dude.
Looks great Ron!! I fixed the instructions on the sheer web's on the second batch.... You got one of the first batch...

I like your sheeting method... The way I showed in the instructions was just another method I came up with recently.... I wanted to get as much of the wing built while in one position so I didn't have to repin it multiple times...
thanks, and your way acheives the same results; as long as it's held down it won't warp! am going back out to build more of it in a few minutes. got the color scheme picked out, too; like the shaguar, a british flag with austin powers for a pilot! Gonna print this, invert for other side, cut out and clear over it. yeah, baby!


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I'm pluggin along on mine. I only have the horizonal stab to finish framing, then get ready for covering!!

sounds like you about got it whipped! I got the fuse and rudder done, will probably be able to start covering it tomorrow. not too shabby, huh?

fuse went well. I had to read ahead to make sure that the top and bottom halves were indeed glued together at the rudder post; good idea, as lining up top and bottom and gluing was a little tricky on the burrito.

Ad while reading ahead, I saw where Pul mentioned me in the instructions! geez, I feel famous! 8) thanks for the mention, Paul!
i got the same scale and rule, how weird... could not live without them now
Yup, I had to do a double-take on the rudder post too. It looks like the motor mount is going to be a teeny bit wider than the rest of the surrounding balsa sticks on the front end, but no big deal. I added a little piece of balsa on the top of the fuse above the wing for handlauching. Also added a bit of hardwood on the bottom/rear of the fuse for a tailwire like my sledge has.

I enjoyed the minimal sanding on the mojo. Minimal sanding = Minimal sniffles and sneezing for me. :) This was a quick and straight forward framing profile for me. Such a far cry from the old Sig kits where we had to cut the printed ribs out of a solid sheet of wood.



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I know what you mean about the old stuff; I build sig kits often, and although the seniorita kit has a laser cut dihedral brace and firewall, you still have to cut the gussets and cowl blocks out of a thick peice of sheet!

on the mojo ply matching the fuse sticks; on my burrito I sanded a taper in the 1/2 ply mount top and bottom to blend it into the 3/8 sticks. On most of my scratch built stuff I use 1/2x1/4 for the fuse, which weighs the same and lines up with the mount assembly.
Looking good, I like the hand grab area...that's the one thing I forgot to do to....Hmmmm I guess I'll just have to hand launch from the gear facing me...should be interesting. Any body ever done that? I'm sure it's been done!

It seems like a lot of guys out there have MOJO's.

I wonder how many Swany has sold so far? ought there? How many kits you gonna bring to the SMS in PERRY this coming year?

I loved the little sanding that I had to do to (bad alergies). I also sheet as much as possible before I un pin. I usually can get the leading edge done, center section and also put the trailing edge sheeting on both top and bottom before I flip her. I also use about 1 inch wide cap strips on the tip ribs. Just a a habit I guess but I like the extra area for some more stiffnes and covering area.
I'm gonna bring a pile of kits to Perry.... Hopfully they'll sell well....

I like that tip rib mod you did Wagas.... The Menace is done like that...
Paul no MOJO 60 yet :D :lol:
workin on it.... Parts should be here in a week or two...
I got it all ready to cover, total airframe weight 17.5 oz.; a very light one for a kit built! should be 4 lb. or less, which is a monster with a saito 72gk.
had to cover a 4*60 fuse this morning for a freind, but am going to cover the mojo shortly. don't know what to do on the bottom of it. I wonder how hard paisley would be...
about got it covered... what you guys think, it gonna look o.k.?


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That thing looks kick AZZ!!!! What's the top look like? I gotta hand it to Paul on this one. This plane really goes together well. The CNC work by Mark is Outstanding! I've got three in line for customers and mine to go. You gonna put Austin Powers in the cock pit? Yeahhhhh Babbyyyyyyy!!!!


that is the top, just haven't cut the covering around the hatch holes yet! :D bottom is white, but I think I'm gonna use more of the pearl blue and some pearl light blue to do a chapman type scheme on the bottom; dunno yet, will decide tomorrow. bob is printing out the austin powers pix for the pilot... that kind of thing is my bag, baybee!! 8)
Looks great Ron!! Nice work!!

You just plaster a big 'ol PRO BRO on the bottom of the wing..
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