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Mini Gee Bee

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I finally got her done.

Axi 2208/34
8 amp speed control
3 cell 830 Mah Apogee Lipo
GWS Bluebird servos
Hitech Feather 4 Rx

Wicked Power!!!

This setup will work great in my next plane.

I need to move the CG back and bump up the elevon travel, and she'll be even sweeter.

I broke the stick motor mount on the second flight/landing. She's ready to go again when the lipos are full.
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whats the final weight ? I really think the performance is best if kept at or under 7 oz. It just flies soooo much better that way. Ask me how I k now. I had 5 so far. :shock: :D
I'll have to find a scale that can weigh something this light.

I know you've had a few, I found an old thread of yours to read while I was building mine.

I like the way it flies so far. It just takes too long to charge the batteries. I should go check them now.
I think I killed it, 4 damn flights is all I got on it.

Broke the tail off right behind the trailing edge.

I knew it was too windy today.

I think I'll pick up a shocky type conventional aircraft. The setup rocks though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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