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mini funtana, My nashville raffle prize

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Once I figured out what the box I had won was (no instructions plans labels etc) I had to find how to put this pile of foam and sticks together. RCGROUPS to the rescue. a 23 page thread told me about all I need to know. This was a kit from JGRC (i guess) . I put 2 flights on it tonight before the sun went down. Not bad, not as much fun as my e yak though. powered with standard 4100 setup it weighs exactly 16 oz with battery. Flies a bit more like a glow powered plane, aileron responsiveness could be better but it is perfect for slow rolling harriers. It will really wind up in a TR, but flat spins tend to snap out about the time they start getting good.
Anyway here's a pic


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I thought you were talking about the new E-funtana coming out from Hanger 9. It looks just like the 90 size and is a built up ARF. They were flying protos at the JR indoor fest this past weekend. I have my order in for one even though it's not a profile.
Hey Tom, is that plane EPP (bendable) foam?? You did a nice job on it!!
No the wing is made from 2 sheets of 3mm depron with balsa sepeerators and a CF rod in the middle. The fuse is 3mm depron with 2) 3mm braces going thru the fuselage. all control surfaces are 6mm depron
When can I fly it???? :shock:
Im off the rest of the week after today although rain wind and cold may be a problem for the next few days
You think it will fly in the gym???
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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