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Mini 3DX for indoor this winter!

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This is my new foamy for indoor 3D this winter. (My brother owns an indoor driving range) It's the Mini 3DX made all out of 3mm depron. There's a video of it on rcgroups and it's SICK! Just waiting on gear.

CD Rom motor (14-16 oz thrust on 2s)
Ph 10
Bluebird 306's
RX ? Any ideas? I don't wanna spring for a berg this time as I've got a few of them and I'm trying to be thrifty on this one. GWS 4 ch. maybe? Normally, I'd get the microstamp...but I'm over my budget recently


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Maybe one of Hitecs 4 channels? They are single conversion but I have one that I flew in pretty big electric that would fly about as far away as you wanted to go without having troubles. Wasnt glitchy or anything.
The Berg can be found for about $50 w/crystal. The only thing I'd use below that price is the GWS. Don't get close to anyone elses transmitter or you are assured a hit. Adding an Azarr antenna helps some, but that gets it up to about $36 w/crystal.
Hitec has 3 new 5 channel fm single conversions for about 30 bucks a piece..Have one in a tribute, works great.
Where can i buy a cdrom motor?

Thanks or check around on RCgroups.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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