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Hey Bros,
posted this in the tips forum but got no response.... was wondering what tips you all had for setup of an sudo khoi arf. I bought an NIB one from Texas 3D... im going to use a OS .46 with an ultrathrust muffler what servos? to pullpull or not to pullpull tank in tank out ect please post all your setup tips thanks. P.S. been building and flying since i was 15 this is my first profile
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Hey Mark, standard servos will work just fine in these profiles.....I like my tank in the wing, but alot of others dont, just remember if you put it in the wing, you have to do it before you put the servo trays in. These Morris Kits have some really good pull pull hardware, its a shame they dont have them anymore....good luck with it

I pieced together a similar pull pull kit with small sullivan cable housings, clevises, and I went to the local fly fishing store for the cable. The store owner said it's for shark fishing and I bought a ten yard spool of that same plastic coated cable stuff for less than four bucks. He said the Morris stuff looked like 30 lb test. It comes in smaller and larger diameters, brown or silver at his shop. Dubro sells the little things with the threads on it, maybe called rigging couplers or something like that.

You guys probably already knew that but just FYI.

John Wells
thanks for the respose so far I should have a pullpull system in my kit as it is NIB should get here early next week cant wait!!!!!!!
my su do khoi arrived!!!!! thanks ULF!!!!!!!! ok my question is there is no mention of the hatches in the manual are there mounting rails underneath the covering? would like to know before i cut the covering for the hatches if there is anything i need to do or just cut and pray...?? hehe thanks again guys!!!!!!!
Hi Mark,
glad the Sudo arrived OK.
OK the hatches should be at the bottom but covered up. I just cut an X through them and then re-atach with a heat gun at the edges and cut away the excess covering.
As for the servos, I have the Hitec 225MG's in mine and I think they really saved some weight. Mine came in at 4 lbs 6 oz. If I would build another, I would use JR 9011's (just because I don't like Hitecs no more. They center bad. At least some of mine did, and you have to constantly correct the trim). OK as for the tank. I like to mount the Tank outside, and notch the wing a little. Very easy to do. If you send me your email address I can shoot you over some pictures of my Sudokhoi (still flying strong btw),a nd setup.
OK, the UT muffler is not needed, and actually is a pain in the butt if the motor jumps to soon on the muffler while hovering. A 46FX with a $14 tower muffler is more then you need.
Another thing you want to do is toss out the landing gear and get you some carzy legs from Tetherite. Well worth it. They are quite popular among us Bro's now. No breaking or bending out of shape. Give Randolph at Tetehrite a call. He will fix you up. Here is his # : 281-488-3993 or email [email protected]

feel free to email me anytime if you have more questions.
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im using 525 servos on the tail and standards on the aielrons and throttle was in a hurry and ran out of cash :? but ive got the tank in and am now stting the servo trays in what a PIA lol but shes comming along then i get to figure out the pullpull lol.... im using the ultrathrust muffler cause thats what came with the motor
If I was going to build it again I would have added either some glass cloth or flat carbon fiber to the fuse area at the back of the wing.
where do you guys exit the antenna wire? man yhis pull pull is a pain in the ass to set up mine is kinda draggy ive tried to use some dry lube to smooth it out maybey it will ge better with use??
I run the antenna on the bottom of the fuse holding on with clear tape or running out on the wing holding it on also with clear tape. Both work fine.
The pull pull should really move freely. Not sure why it is not. Maybe some glue got in it. I would try and push one of those flex rods through it to see if you can clear it up. Don't make the pull pull to tight.
Good luck
I ran the fuel tank on the outside just because I fly until I am down to the very last drop in the tank! Its easy to see where that is when it's on the outside. Although sometimes even that isn' t always a fool proof. My buddy was flying and I was going to do a snatch and we were having so much fun we forgot to watch the tank and dorked it from about 3 1/2 feet. :oops: Broken prop and shoved the battery thru the sheeting. new prop and some creative gluing and we were at it again in about 30 min.
well i got her done maiden flight this mornin....... wow straight up out of sight. hoverd for a sec till the thumbs choked lol ill work on it but omg what a blast to fly!!!! tumbles inveretd spins still a tase nose heavy so the spins wouldnt flatten out but thats on a full tank and a big 5 cel pack up in the wing........ wieghed her and shes 4lbs 4 OZ NICE!!!!!!!!!
Hey Mark, did you ever finish and flew the Sudokhoi ? How about a report and picture :wink: ?
got me stickersin the mail today!!!! gimme an hour and ill post a pic my buddy tooksome pics but they are in his camera ie dont gots em but ill take a few and post as for the flight report welll shes a spinnin tummblin fool!! the ultra thrust muffler makes this plane almost TOO much. Im going to try a 13X4 to see if i can load her down .... :lol: I doinked (read hangerrashed) the elevator so now i need to fix the little connecting area of wood inbetween the elevatoe halves.... but 1/2 throttle and she lifts out of my hand and will go straight up like a rocket!!!!!!! knife edge is way solid and blenders wer fat! still working on the "flatness" of the inverted flatspin any tips??? more aft cg?? ive tried with and without flaperons....
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