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ok Ive purchased a SU DO KHOI arf Ive wanted one for a long time and now im gettin it!!! puttin' an OS .46 w/ultrathrust muffler I need servo suggestions and any and all input/tips for settin it up righ!!t tank in or out? 6 cell or 5 cell? ect please post all suggestions as i want her as right as i can... my os i already broke in i bought a 12.25X3.75 prop as that seems to be the choice.......
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i fugured there would be a ton of in put maybey this is posted in the wrong forum???
Hi sorry about the slow reply, I have been having computer problems. Anyway I use mid size digitals for the ailerons, and the strongerst full size on the empanage, my choice is 945mg hitec they are a little pricey, but in my opinion they are worth the money. Throttle servo can be any mid size you want, just make sure that it is fast.

I use a 6v battery no less that 1400mah. I prefer the tank on the side of the fuse, that way you can moniter the fuel. I hate running out of fuel in a hover!!!!!!!!!

Pro bro 441
where do you guys exit the antenna wire? man yhis pull pull is a pain in the ass to set up mine is kinda draggy
In most of my proflies I run a old outer nyrod thru all the ribs i the left wing I do this as I am framing up the wing. On your ARF I would make a 2 foot long drill bit, out of drill rod and a center pilot wood bit, but that a lot of work. Just get a piece of music wire about 3/16 and sort of burr up one end and turn very slow and drill though all the ribs and then use a 1/16 piece of music wire to pull the ant. from the radio compartment out of the wing tip and tape it in place.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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