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max 50'ish power

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what engine in the 50 is'h size has the most best suited power for 3d on around 4 to 5 pound planes.
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What I've heard and seen lead me to buy an Irvine .53.
I haven't got a chance to fly it yet but from my break-in stand it's a real stump puller!
Gotta throw in my hat for the OS .50 SX with the black Macs pipe. I am running mine on 10% ProBro Blend and it is a stump puller. Transition is good, and it has a great idle and top end.

I found in Nashville that it is a little more picky than my ABC motors regarding the type of plug. It only seems to like an OS #8 or equivalent, but once I learned that everything has been good.
I have the OS and the Irvine, both on Tower mufflers. They both have good power and are very reliable. I've read that the OS is lighter, but the Irvine is cheaper. I would buy either one.
Where's the cheapest place to get an Irvine? I need a little more power than my 46fx can put out.
Well, I'm convinced the Webra has the best Power to Weight. But some like 'em and some don't, some can't get them to run well. And they sound whiney to me. If I were buying annother 2stroke, it would be the OS .50sx. It was just TOO reliable and always TONS of power. I don't think I've heard a complaint.
Get which ever one you think looks the COOLEST, COOL FACTER is hard to beat...All three run great...But the WEBRA runs great with the stock muffler.. 8)
Well if your buying on the cool factor it would be damn hard to beat the Irvine with it's badass red powdercoat!

Best price I've found was at
I have One Webra runs awsome and the two after sucked butt.. I just got one of the new 46.AX nice little motor lots of power after I took the baffle out and drilled out the a little miffed on the Webras right now I think im gonna start runninging the OS again never had a bad one.....yet!
I'd have to agree.... I have several Webra's... Some of them run great... The two that Gator bought sucked nuts.... But with a little TLC, they're pretty reliable and run strong. One thing is for sure.. if you aren't a tinkerer.... Don't bother with the Webra....

I've heard good things about the OS .50 too.... I had one for a while.... I wasn't really impressed with the power. I've also witnessed and heard of several bearing failures on these guys...

The Irvine .53 is a pretty solid motor.. I haven't had any problem with the two I had.... They were very strong. I traded them to Gator for his Webra's..

In terms of weight... The Webra's kick ass... only 15 1/2 oz.... The Irvine is around 17 1/2 oz and the OS is in between at around 16 1/2...

In the long run, you need to go with what you trust. Nothing worse than a flame out when you're TRing on the deck....
I like my Webra's :D My .50 is one good running SOB, and both my .32's are strong runners, I had one of the .32's that gave me fits till I had about a gallon of fuel thru it, now it to is solid, I also "tinkered with it a bit".
But so far (I have not had an Irvine or an OS) the Webra's are better than the MVVS's 2 .49's (strong but touchy) Fox's .46 (1 to many POS!!!), ASP's .32 & .46 I think?(weak but very soild running), Magnum's .40 & .46 (ok after a lot of work) and Super Tiger .45 (OK but not as frendly as some and not as strong as others).
I would like an to try an Irvine next but I just have a lot of this size range allready!
An MVVS 49 and 5% fuel. Just about the perfect combo for a 40 sized profile. If you get the header sized right on the tuned pipe, it's AMAZING!
I forgot to mention the Super Tiger 51... Pretty good engine.. very strong an pretty cheap right now. Pulls a 12.25 x 3.75 APC prop like a big dog.
PaulSwany said:
I forgot to mention the Super Tiger 51...
Well you just lost all credibility........

My vote is for the Irvine....the extra 2 oz's is more than made for by the power, reliability and throttle response.
TailSpnr said:
Well you just lost all credibility........ Besides... I'm a ***.
I've got one that I would defy you to call a POS... Thing runs great... transitions great.... Never had a problem with it....
Yeah sure we're gonna believe that you actually found a good running ST. Now we all know who the *** is.

Yeah yeah.....I know a couple of people that swear by the ST's too. Theres a little trick to tuning one that if you dont know about will cause you tons of grief.
I love supertigres and haven't had to do anything that you mentioned Constrictor to get them to run.
TailSpnr said:
Yeah yeah.....I know a couple of people that swear by the ST's too. Theres a little trick to tuning one that if you dont know about will cause you tons of grief.

And I'm still a ***!!
I found that rotating the spray bar helped in transition.... I actually like the ST carbs Constrictor.... They don't need silicone all over them... That will actually foul a glow plug if it gets into the combustion chamber.... I haven't had any bearings go bad in mine...

My buddy Swick has had pretty good luck with them too....

But hey... To each their own.......
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